Pleasure Versus True Happiness

Some people, perhaps most people, are easily influenced by what happens around them. They are happy for 10 minutes but then something happens at the 11th minute and their feelings change into upset, angry, sad, worried, prejudice, etc. They can't be happy for the whole day or their happiness doesn't last long. 

Yet, there are people whose happiness is intact. No matter what happens around them, they are able to keep their happiness in their hearts. This is what is called true happiness. True happiness is a state or condition of peace whereby there is no worries, anxiety, and sadness in your heart.

Many people unconsciously seek for pleasure or temporary happiness. We are pleased when people around us behave according to what we want. We are pleased when things run according to what we plan. So, elements that make up pleasure are usually people or things around us such as good children, good husband/wife, a lot of money, good health, nice in laws, nice boss, helpful friend, warm working environment, and so forth. What do those elements have in common? All of them are actually EXTERNAL FACTORS. Factors that are outside ourselves. Pleasure is obtained when the external factors behave in accordance with our will. Unfortunately, since the factors are external, outside ourselves, we cannot control them. We can't always ask them to behave according to our wish. People around us can't always be nice. We can't always be healthy, rich, and successful. We can't run away from natural disasters & accidents… Hoping for true happiness out of external factors is something unrealistic and impossible.

Meanwhile, true happiness is formed by INTERNAL FACTORS. Internal factors are Godly beliefs that are rooted in our heart. Since the beliefs are internal, in our heart, they are all in our control. We do have the power to keep Godly beliefs always stay in our heart. If we do that, then no one or nothing can take away our true happiness. 

If we are truly happy, then whatever happens around us will not affect our feeling or emotion. We will stay peaceful and worry free when things around us don't go along with what we planned. Naughty children, nasty boss, unhelpful neighbor & friends, demanding parents & in laws, accidents, and other uncomfortable situations will be tackled by Godly beliefs that we have in our heart. 

So, pleasure or true happiness…? The choice is ours.