Logic Versus Truth

When we argue with someone about something, we often use our logic or reason. If our argument or explanation is more logical than his or hers it means our explanation is the true one. 

Is logic identical with truth? If something is logical, if something makes sense, does it mean that it is the truth?

In the Qur'an, Iblis refused to obey God's command to bow to Adam. The Qur'an chapter 7 verse 12: (God) said, "What prevented thee from bowing down when I commanded thee?" He said, "I am better than he. Thou didst create me from fire and him from clay." Verse 13: (God) said, "Get thee down from this, it is not for thee to be arrogant here. Get out, for thou art of the meanest (of creatures)." 

Iblis, as well as angels, were created by God long before God created human being. And before human being was created, Iblis always obeyed God and worshipped Him only. However, when God had created Adam and commanded Iblis to prostrate before Adam, he didn't want to bow down to Adam because it didn't make any sense. It is not logical to do so. Iblis felt that bowing down to Adam was not a correct thing to do. It was a disgrace to Iblis to do so.

Knowing that Iblis was much older, more loyal, and was created out of better material, it seems logical that Iblis didn't want to bow down to Adam. It seems it's an acceptable attitude. "Who is he anyway?? He was just created, out of something of low quality! And I had worshipped and served God much longer than him!" That's, more or less, the reasons of Iblis.

So, learning from Iblis, what is truth anyway? Truth refers to God's revelation. The final God's revelation is the Qur'an which contains the rules of God. Thus, truth is something that is in accordance with the Qur'an. Truth is things that God allows or permits and things that go along with God's rule. In conclusion, truth is the Qur'an. If someone says something that sounds very reasonable, yet, it is against God's rule in the Qur'an, then the things he says is NOT the truth, despite the logic.

The reasons why Iblis refused to obey God's command were logical, but incorrect, therefore he was sinful. So, the refusal was not the truth. The truth was obeying God's command, bowing down before Adam.

God is our creator, the All Knowing, meanwhile the capacity of human brain is limited. That is why we need a book containing instructions from God, the dos and donts that we must follow while living on earth. Since the instructions are from the Creator of the universe, the All Knowing and the Wisest, we the creations can't always use our logic in order to comprehend God's rules. Our duty is to obey the rules, not to question them with our logic.

Often, we behave just like Iblis. We slip into the arrogance and the feeling of superiority of Iblis and we depend too much on our logic from our limited brain and neglect the truth from God, Who is the Wisest and the All Knowing.

‚ÄčLogic is not always true… Logic is not always parallel with God's rules… But whatever parallel with the rules of God, that is the truth…