Rational Actor

God created the world complete with laws which are called sunnatullah (the laws of Allah). Since we, human being, are the inhabitants of the world, consequently we have to know and understand the sunnatullah. If not, we will not survive.

There are two types of God's laws on earth. First, the laws of physics. Examples of the laws are water flow downward not upward, ice is cold, fire is hot, knife is sharp in which if you cut yourself you will bleed, and so on. Most of us already know, accept, and believe the existence of the laws of physic. Since they are visible, they are easy to understand.

The second laws of God is the laws of metaphysics. Unlike the visible laws of physics, the metaphysical ones are unseen. Despite the invisibility, both the laws of physics and metaphysics are definite to occur.

So, what's rational actor? Rational actor is a person whose behaviors go along with the laws of God, both the physical and metaphysical ones. A rational actor will not reject both laws as rejection will be disastrous. If someone wants to survive physically and spiritually living in this world he must accept the visible and invisible laws of God.

Now, what are the examples of metaphysical laws of God? Some of them are as follow:

  • There is no consistency in this world. We might be healthy today but tomorrow we might get sick. We can't be always healthy and we can't be always sick. So if there's a person who always wants to be healthy for as long as he lives, it means that he doesn't go along with the metaphysical law of God. When a rational actor is sick, he will not be fussy or will not complain about his condition as he realizes that nobody is always healthy.
  • People have different wealth and riches. Some are poor and some are rich. If there is a person who constantly complains about his poverty or about other people's poverty, it means he rejects God's law of metaphysics. When a rational actor finds that many of his friends are much wealthier than him, he will not be jealous about it. On the contrary, if a previously rich rational actor becomes poor, he will not be stressful.
  • Comfortable and uncomfortable situation take turn to occur in our lives. The pair are certain and unavoidable. So, if a person is allergic to discomfort in life it means he rejects the law of God. We can't have comfortable life always. Calamity and disaster are definite. Comfortable situation will make a rational actor be grateful to God for it meanwhile uncomfortable situation will NOT make a rational actor sad or depressed. 
  • There's always ease after difficulty, so a person will not experience an everlasting difficulty. A rational actor will face difficulty with big heart while doing maximum effort as he realizes that as long as he does maximum effort, ease will definitely come.
  • Satan, in the form of human being and jinns, will always provoke anybody who obeys or tries to obey God's rules. Thus, nobody is free from other people's harassment or annoyance. A rational actor will not expect anybody around him behaving like angels. At the same time, a rational actor always strengthens his heart or soul by obeying God’s rules, to face the satans.
  • There are two wills in this world, i.e. God's wills and our wills and we don't know which one and when that will happen. It's against the metaphysical law of God if we want our wills to always happen. A rational actor will not hope for all his wills to be fulfilled. When they come true, he is grateful to God. But when they don’t, still he is grateful as he knows God’s wills are the best.
  • We can only give advice to other people, we can't change people. So, when a rational actor has been talking for hours to give advice to someone but still the person doesn't listen to the advice, he will not be upset. He realizes that his job is merely to convey the message, not to change him.

Most of us are already fluent working with the laws of physics. When we see fire, we put it out. When we want to have a glass of cold drink, we put ice cubes in the glass or put the drink in the fridge. When we want our plants to grow beautifully, we give fertilizer to them. When we want to get money, we work or do business. The laws are easy to deal with because they are visible, tangible and we only need our brain to face the laws. But how about the laws of metaphysics? Most people have difficulty in dealing with God's metaphysical laws. Sickness, lack of wealth, calamity, disaster, and other uncomfortable situations are always rejected by our heart. People behave negatively towards such things. The reason why it's difficult to face the laws is because of lack of Godly beliefs. Dealing with the laws of metaphysics need Godly beliefs to be in our heart or soul. We are able to obtain those Godly beliefs by contemplating about the origin of human being, the purpose of life and the rules of God in His Book, that is the Holy Qur’an. The action of contemplation requires the capability of the heart, not brain. Therefore, dealing with metaphysical laws needs the "intelligence" of the heart, instead of the brain. Unfortunately, since we were born, we use more of our brain than our heart, ending with failure in comprehending the metaphysical laws of God.

As said earlier, if we fail in dealing with sunnatullah (the laws of God), we will not survive. Failure in dealing with the physical laws of God surely causes us material or tangible loss. However, what happens when we fail in understanding the metaphysical laws of God? When that happens, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, and anger will occur. Those feelings are against the rules of God and they earn sins, increasing the chance for hell. On the contrary, success in coping with the metaphysical laws of God will earn rewards, increasing the chance for the place in heaven and that means the ultimate survival for the life of human being.


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